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    Default Overseas contracts

    Hey guys, I just got a couple of questions about getting hired for one of the overseas contract companies. Iraq/Afghanistan, KBR/WSI or any other place or company. Actually just wondering what would be the best route to take to get one of these jobs.

    I'm getting out of the air force in Febraury, so all my certs are good, DoD basic certs, hazmat, will probably have emt by then as well. Right at 3 yrs experience. I applied on the KBR website for a job in afghanistan, but havent heard anything back in a couple of weeks. Also sent my resume to Kris at WSI for an Iraq position, same story.

    So I was wondering how long it usually takes to process the applications, how to follow up, or possibly some other companies that have work outside the US? Not too worried about inspections, drills, or the paperwork that ive heard about. Just looking for the travel/experience/Cash.


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    Thanks, but like I said I've searched around all those threads, but didn't really find much information on how long the application process takes or any other companies that are in the contract business.

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    Its all in here: http://forums.firehouse.com/showthread.php?t=70336

    Just read and read and read. I don't know if anyone is going to spoon feed you on this forum. Maybe you can post under the "American Overseas" forum.

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