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    Default Flow thru various foldatank transfer devices

    Anyone have any transfer data for various siphon used for transfer of water between foldatanks.

    PVC hard suction w/lowflow strainer with 1-1/2" siphon (as Kochek).
    PVC hard suction with screw on jet siphon (as Kochek JS)
    Homemade "Horseshoe" PVC with 1-1/2" siphon
    Homemade PVC straight pipe "cannon" with 1-1/2" siphon

    2-1/2" supply?

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    Default Home made jet syphon

    NEIOWA: We built several 1" jet syphons fed by 2 1/2" hose. It is a simple U shape using 2" galvanized with a 2" by 1" street reducer for the nozzle portion. The base of the U is made broad enough to allow the handles on a hard sleeve to swing around without hitting the down leg of the U. We had several 6" threaded mounting rings, used to mount 6" barrel strainers on the tailboard, laying around and made a metal bracket (3 pointed star shape) to attach the "nozzle" by brazing a 2" threaded collar in the center of the star.
    The open end has the 2" x 1" street reduced while the inlet has an old brass female coupling brazed to the pipe. Wish I had a picture.
    Anyway flow tests of transfer rate capability from one tank to another showed at 150 psi engine pressure through 50' of 2 1/2" hose we were able to transfer about 1400 gpm between tanks. This is also an excellent way to empty basements after flooding. Run clean water to your pump from a hydrant and pump to the jet syphon at 200 psi. Attach a 6 by 4 1/2 dbl FM swivel and then adapt to 5" stortz. It is possible to educt about 1,000 gpm from the basement using 300 gpm of fresh water. (1300 gpm total) Through 30' of 5" hose.

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    I am also interested to hear if anyone has some data on this

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    Default Home made Eductor

    Donít know if this will work, but the regular attachment manager wonít work.

    finally got one picture to upload.
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