Please forgive me but thought this would be better here than in another less viewed section.

Last night someone posted a youtube link in response to someone asking for a driving video. the link, shows a police officer running a redlight with no audible device and striking and killing someone in the intersection. That's not even the tragic point. To not hold someone accountable for such a wreckless act in the 21 century is just uncalled for. I understand the police aspect of getting to a burglary or robbery call to surprise the criminal and whatnot but to not have control of a vehicle and to cause the loss of life to someone; there in lies the true crime, emergency services that are supposed to protect and save lives taking them with no consequences. From what I can find there wasn't a attempt to ammend the law, just to kill it in comittee. Here is the link
Being in emergency services for 23 yrs +, 15 as a driver before moving to the officers seat, have seen a lot of crazy driving situations and how something could get overlooked in requirements, SOP's and whatnot but come on....that's stretching the thin blue line pretty thin. It makes me glad I am a FF and live in another commonwealth.