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    I am curious to the dress attire Air Force Firefighters wear on duty? Also does you fire dept issue you a helmet or could you use your own purchased one? Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Most of the USAF Facilities that I am familiar with, enlisted personnel wear fatigues for their normal station "work" uniforms. Civilian personnel wear normal Fire Department work uniforms.

    You wear what is assigned to you, period. You may utilize your own accessories such as flashlights or utility gloves, small tools, etc. but protective ensembles are assigned and you may not deviate.
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    When you speak of USAF Firefighters you are speaking of two groups of people, the civilians & the Active Duty at most USAF Basses. Some of the basses issue the cotton BDUs and I hear that there are cotton new style. This is to meet NFPA standards on uniforms for firefighters. One base I know of the Military wears Navy Blue Nomex cover-als

    Helmets depend on the Fire Chief at each base. Some let you get your own as or use your own as long as you can prove that they are NFPA compliant. Some or the same old silver cover Bullard helmet. It just depends.

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    Home station:
    Military wear 100% Cotton BDU'S or 100% Cotton ABU'S (which are avil by the way)
    Downgear at homestation is 100% cotton PT gear that is usually black or blue and has the local FD logo on it.

    Military wear 100% DCU'S or 100% Cotton ABU'S
    Down gear for military FF's while deployed to CENTAF is unmaked 100% cotton PT gear that is the same color as the Offical AF PT gear.

    Civilian attire depends on what is written in the uniform policy and that varies base to base.

    Helmets, it all depends on the fire chief. In most cases, u can wear your own NFPA approved structural helmet as long as you dont show up to a ARFF call with it on.

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