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    In short- any child/minor in the nation does not need any emergency lights for their personal vehicle.

    A child/minor needs balance and be a kid and enjoy their youth. Do the Explorer thing, but focus on getting good grades and networking with people (girls) your own age.

    Do the Explorer thing once a week and balance it out with other hobbys, life, friends and the outdoors.

    Again- you do not need any emergency lights on your vehicle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebanonsproby View Post
    Alright i am 16 years old and i am training to be a firefighter through explores as well as a career center program with chief Hayes as my instructor, this may sound stupid, but i really want to know. I am a certified first responder and i have a scanner for my county, i was wondering since i am a first responder can i run green led lights on my pov, since i tend to hear calls come out around me and i usually go help. The local fire dept. know me from riding out and have no problem with me arriving on scene to lend a hand. I understand the lights are simply a courtesy light, and that i must follow all rules of the road. I was simply just curious cause it would be nice if i could have the possability of drivers pulling over so i can get to the scene faster. Yesterday was a great example i heard a call go out for a serious PI by my house, i attempted to go help but traffic was to heavy and i didn't get there in time, a 3 yr. old little girl was thrown from the vehicle and was DRT, the local fire dept. was already on a call and didn't get there in time either. I was just thinking if maybe i got there sooner maybe i could of saved that little girls life. Go head and say what u will, trust me your not going to hurt my feelings, i already know i am not a firefighter yet and i am unexperienced and probably dont desearve to use a light on my pov, i was just asking. If i can use a light on my pov how do i do it and who do i need to talk to to get it approved, thx for reading this thread i greatly apperciate it.
    You do not need lights. Our Explorer post does not allow them and it's ridiculous that any posts allow them. You are an explorer (just like me) and do not need to be responding as a "real responder", if you will. It's bad enough that you're a whacker and have to respond to calls that you happen to just "hear".

    Also, learn to spell.

    I could rant on and on, but I'll stop here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebanonsproby View Post
    ...with chief Hayes as my instructor ....
    Oh! That Chief Hayes. The only Chief Hayes in this whole six billion person populated world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lebanonsproby View Post
    ...I was just thinking if maybe i got there sooner maybe i could of saved that little girls life.
    Epic fail. 99.9% of the time, seconds do NOT count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kolat06 View Post
    crossing the line on making this up? So if your not making this up. You have to be 18 in order to be certified as and emt your post says your 16. So if your treating patients without your certification you are breaking the law. So what your saying is that you went through all the trouble of getting ok'd for a light so you can rush to a scene and do nothing?
    Actually there are some states that state you can be 16 and be certified as an EMT. BUT, he didn't say EMT, he said first responder. WHICH may or MAY NOT mean that he is an EMT. If he lives in New Jersey, then LEGALLY he CAN be an EMT.

    Just so you are aware.


    Lebanonsproby, sorry bud, but you don't need lights on the truck yet.

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    The whole point of this story is that he was lying, about his age, his fd and his needing any lights for anything. If he told me he was lying, i would not believe him. End of story.
    Stay Safe

    “Guys if you get hurt, we’ll help you. If you get sick we’ll treat you. If you want to bitch and moan, then all I can tell you is to flick the sand out of your slit, suck it up or get the hell out!”
    - Capt. Marc Cox CFD

    Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.

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    I can't believe this is still carrying on... This is why I don't come around anymore.

    And I'm with Bull...

    It is my hope that everyone remembers Chris Kangas and all the other fellow little brothers and sisters whos lives were cut short when they were just trying to help when thinking about this stuff... You and I have YEARS and AGES ahead of us responding, either on the BRT or your POV. You'll get to experience the rush of responding someday. Just hang tight.
    My words stated here do not necessarily point towards organizations which I am affiliated with.

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    Stay in School, Get good grades, don't overstep your boundaries and play fireman, you have a long life to live so patience is a virtue. learn from my personal mistakes.

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