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    Default Anne Arundel County Fire

    Does anyone know if Anne Arundel will be testing in the near future, or if they are going to go off the list from last year? Any info would be great.

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    I haven't heard of any testing plans. A very large class graduated in May so there are few vacancies to fill.

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    i had contacted them a couple months back and they are taking applications continually, but are not planning an academy any time soon - per the email from the HR rep.
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    I got the automated response when I tried to email them about hiring... I don't even see an application on the website that you can fill out for them to keep on file until they start looking for a new class...

    Any rumors out there as to when they will be opening up for hiring? I heard they had a huge recruit class last year and with this crazy economy that doesn't spell well for hiring in the near future :-(

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