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    Question Multi-Gas Monitors

    Hey all, does anyone have any success/horror stories about various gas monitors? I was put on a commitee to find gas monitors for all the trucks but dont know which are the latest and greatest. We currently use a Qrae Plus, but the display is tiny. I was halfway thinking of the MSA Altair 5, looks like its pretty user friendly and the display looks pretty good. Any opinions? Thanks.

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    We bought several of the Draeger Xam 5000s a year ago and have been very happy with them. They are small enough to be clipped onto a belt and yet they have all of the confined space features that we need. We bought the 5 gas rather than 4 gas Xam 2000, so that we could monitor HCN... but it adds a bunch of $$.

    Overall cost of ownership was a big factor for us.

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    We got a V!SA Multi Gas instrument at our station.
    Simple, reliable, easy to use and cost is effective.
    & Great service from company in Georgia:
    Gas Measurement Instruments LLC
    Gaineville, GA 30501

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    A couple of considerations I would think about are:

    are the buttons usable in a level A or B suit?

    Is the screen bright enough to see through those same suits to call back info to Resource or Command?

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