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    Default Largest training center in PA opens


    looks nice, wait until they finish it.

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    Sorry, but it is not the largest in the state. 20,000 sq. ft is a drop in the bucket to some other fire academies in the eastern part of the state. The reporter that wrote this article is well known to the fire service in the Philadelphia area as being an idiot.

    It is a satellite training center for the lower end of Bucks County, so that the lower end companies do not have to drive all the way up to Doylestown for training at the main training center (which, on weekday drill nights, could be over an hour ride one way for some companies......)
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    According to the Official Press release posted by Bensalem, it IS considered the largest training facility in Pa. The reporter did his homework and was reporting the facts as they were given to him.
    Don't think he's an idiot for reporting facts freely available (bensalempolice.org upcoming events) clearly lists this.
    The article did say that it was built so that lower end Bensalem
    FF do not have to travel up to an hour away.
    The article was correct and calling someone an idiot without stating specific references is a bit much, don't you think? Or are you stating opinion. What opinion would that be?, I took you at your word and everything written in the article is backed up by fact.
    If the facts are wrong, then attack the facts, not the messenger.

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