I was reading the post by the sixteen year old junior about blue/green/red/whatever color your State allows lights in your personal vehicle, and it made me wonder what I wrote back when I knew it all and posted loudly. So, I searched my forum name from the early 2000ís late Ď90ís and found that I too was a loud mouth know it all kid who didnít know squat.

And it made me think that sometimes we are to hard on these children who are eager to be part of the fire service.

How quickly we forget what we were like before a few thousand calls, a few hundred fatals, a college education, wife, kids and a few years life.

Maybe we should work harder to embrace the younger generation, as someday they will be seasoned firefighters and not so long ago, we were all too eager waiting for that tone to ring through the air, signaling the opportunity to drive fast and feel heat.
P.S. search Haligan125 posts, you'll see what I am talking about it.