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    Default Hello from Austin, TX

    My name is Andrew Lawtona and I'm from Austin, TX. I'm not a firefighter, but I teach Spanish to local firefighters. My brother in law is a firefighter in Westlake, TX and he always used to ask me how to say different words and phrases in Spanish. I decided to come up with a list and it eventually got pretty large. I started teaching classes to any fire department in the area that was interested. You can see the terms and hear the pronunciation at http://spanishforfirefighters.com.

    Any members of this site feel free to ask me any questions on Spanish words and expressions that you may need in your job. Thanks


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    Default thread to close

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    I appreciate the link,

    after taking Spanish for three plus years and then switching to french I am now caught in the middle ground mentally between the two, i've been brushing up on my spanish with a podcast, but this will help put it to practical use.


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    God I miss Texas. If not on the gulf, then in Austin. Just too cool a town. Lucky!

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