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    Default Great deal on a high volume pump!

    Hello. New to the forum. I just finished my training as a vol firefighter! If anyone is interested, there looks to be a great deal on a Gorman-Rupp/Yanmar diesel powered high volume pump on e-bay. It is brand new, and is currently $1.00!!!

    Just search for item number 230390125496 on e-bay.

    Cheers, and I look forward to conversing with all of you and learning as I go!


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    This sounds suspiciously as if you have a personal stake in this eBay auction (which would be a violation of the firehouse.com forums terms of service.) That being said, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say this- If you post each and every eBay auction on here that is remotely of interest to the fire service for an item starting at $1.00....... You will go insane.
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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    America, #@[< Yeah !!

    Wink Oh Thank Goodness !!!

    I've been looking everywhere for a Gorman-Rupp/Yanmar diesel powered high volume pump for my fire truck. What else you selling?

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