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    Unhappy Re-active Is Always Better Than Pro-active?

    Now let me get this straight: Via Rail is not going to make any improvements etc to the crossing, even though they have acknowledged that there are safety deficiencies at the rail crossing. What are they going to do? Wait for the TSB report to come back indicating that improvements must be made?

    Nanaimo train crash victim in induced coma

    Canwest News Service October 20, 2009 9:02 AM

    NANAIMO — The 14-year-old boy injured in a crash that killed his parents at a Nanaimo train crossing last week remains in critical condition in hospital.

    Andrew Hall was in the back seat of his parents' car when it was struck by the Via Dayliner as it went south at Dorman Road.

    His father, Lyle Hall, 49, and his mother, Rosane Perreault, 44, were killed in the collision. Andrew remains at Children's Hospital in Vancouver in an induced coma with head injuries.

    Family in Nanaimo went to Vancouver on Monday and they are taking turns going from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

    Don McGregor, with Southern Vancouver Island Railway, said that although a possible "safety deficiency" was found at the crossing there are no plans to make changes at this time. McGregor said the two crew members of the train remain off work.

    He said they were shaken by the tragedy and have been referred to counselling resources.

    He said it could take months before the Transportation Safety Board completes an investigation, which may include recommended changes to the crossing.

    A service for Perreault and Hall has now been set for Saturday at Sands Funeral Chapel at 1 p.m.

    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist


    I dont even want to think about this poor kid when he wakes up. There will be no words to console him.

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    What exactly happened? I assume no safety warning devices...but blind tracks? didn't blow the horn at the crossing?

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    It doesn't sound like there is enough information to make a case one way or another. We have a LOT of rail crossings that are 'deficient' in warnings. The problem is they are on country roads and have very low traffic loads. Why spend the limited money on those when there are others who need it more. Sure, every once in while, you will get a tradegy but with literally hundreds to do and not enough money to do them all/maintain them all, what do you do?

    You put the work in the places most likely to cause the greatest positive impact. Sure, it sucks if you have to cross a 'defecient' crossing but you can't do everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFNG View Post
    ... Why spend the limited money on those when there are others who need it more. Sure, every once in while, you will get a tradegy ...

    ...You put the work in the places most likely to cause the greatest positive impact... --------------- ...but you can't do everything.

    Not trying to pick on FNG here, so please don't take this wrong.

    Does this sound remarkably familiar to what we say about what we do, or don't do?

    The old 2B4D$ --------------------> "Biggest Bang for da Buck".

    That put it into perfect prospective for me. Thanks.

    When I saw the topic heading, I thought that we all are proactive in what we do.

    But it struck me that we too are also re-active in many ways. And as it has been stated... it comes down to money.

    This of course was a tradegy. It is easy to see it and it is easy to state, this should have not happened.

    But when you compare this to so many other real life issues, it hits home. You just can't build the perfect world.

    We learn from our mistakes... or do we?

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    What I posted above is actually a follow-on story from the original. According to the earlier report, warning devices are in place, with audible signals and that witnesses reported they were activated prior to the trains arrival at the crossing. Here is the first article:


    Sons mourn loss of parents in car's crash with train

    By Katie DeRosa, Times Colonist October 15, 2009

    Two brothers, one in hospital with critical injuries, are grieving the loss of their parents today after the family car was hit broadside by a Via Rail passenger train travelling south through Nanaimo.

    Rosane Miline Perrault, 44, who was driving, and her husband Lyle Brian Hall, 49, were killed. Their 14-year-old son, Andrew Hall, was in the back seat and suffered serious injuries.

    Donald Perrault, Rosane’s brother, said his sister got her licence in the last year but was a good driver.

    He said the couple’s 17-year-old son, Shawn, is coping as best he can.

    “He did lose his mother and father. And his brother — who knows what’s going to happen with him?” said Perrault. Rosane Perrault also has another son who attends university in the United States.

    Andrew is in Grade 8 at John Barsby Community School. Principal Robyn Gray said grief counselling will be available for any students affected by the tragedy.

    The family was very tight-knit and would often spend weekends fishing, camping or bike riding. Perrault worked as a housekeeper at the Coast Bastion Inn and Hall worked at Thrifty Foods.

    “Their priorities were family,” Perrault said.

    The family was heading to Hall’s sister’s house on Northfield Road, on the other side of the railroad tracks from the highway, at about 3 p.m.

    Police don’t know whether Perrault saw the southbound train chugging along at 60 kilometres an hour, but she turned right onto Dorman Road and their Dodge Spirit somehow stopped on the railroad tracks.

    There were adequate sightlines at the crash site for motorists to see a train coming, said Don McGregor, general manager for Southern Railway of Vancouver Island, which operates the E&N Dayliner on behalf of VIA. “You can see forever in either direction,” he said.

    The train full of passengers locked its brakes but it was too late. The impact killed Perrault and Hall and left Andrew in critical condition at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

    “When I talked to the officer, he said it seems like she stopped on the tracks for whatever reason and she put it in reverse but it wouldn’t go,” said Donald Perrault.

    Police spokesman Const. Gary O’Brien said there is some indication the car may have stalled on the tracks, but there’s no way to tell for sure until the car undergoes a mechanical inspection.

    “As far as I know, the car didn’t have any issues with stalling,” Perrault said.

    It’s too early to tell how fast the car was going and how much distance there was between the car and the train when the family attempted to drive across the tracks, O’Brien said.

    While the lights and bells at the train crossing were working, there was no mechanical guard rail blocking the tracks.

    Southern Railway of Vancouver Island officials are continuing their investigation into the crash.

    A Transportation Safety Board investigator is also in Nanaimo to look at factors such as the crossing signals and what was happening with the family at the time of the crash. Peter Hickli, senior investigator of rail incidents with the TSB, will gather information to determine whether the crash merits a full investigation.

    A TSB investigation leads to a written report with details of the incident and recommendations. Reports can take six months to two years to be made public.

    The train is undergoing a mechanical inspection to see if its safety equipment is working properly. Passenger service will continue on a replacement train.

    Last year, there were 26 deaths and 36 serious injuries at railway crossings in Canada.

    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

    I know the area of this incident fairly well. The rail line is slightly elelvated compared to the highway, and is very long and straight, with no visual obstructions between the highway and the rail line. As a matter of note, Nanaimo Regional Hospital is about 6 blocks away from the incident location.
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    Default Update

    Site of fatal train crash under safety investigation

    Transportation officials from Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver examine railway crossing

    By Danielle Bell, The Daily News November 17, 2009

    Transportation Safety Board investigators returned Tuesday to the site of a train-car crash that killed two parents and critically injured their 14-year-old son.

    Officials from Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver monitored driving behaviour and questioned motorists at the Dorman Road train crossing yesterday as part of an expanded safety inquiry into the Oct. 14 collision.

    Officials will spend today examining other railway crossings in the city.

    Not every TSB train investigation involves monitoring motorists but it is not uncommon in crossing accidents.

    "There's no one to talk to that was involved in the accident itself," said Peter Hickli on Tuesday, TSB senior regional investigator for B.C.

    "We're hoping to get a sample of people so we can have an idea of what we're looking at (and) see if we can spot any kind of patterns."

    Rosane Perreault, 44 and Lyle Hall, 49, died after their car was hit by the Via Rail Dayliner. Their son Andrew, 14, remains in a coma.

    The in-depth TSB investigation was prompted by the findings of a preliminary inquiry a day after the crash but exactly what led to that determination was not disclosed.

    Mechanical inspections of the Via Rail Dayliner and car the family was riding in, which reportedly had a history of stalling, are complete but lack details. Hickli said investigators have yet to analyze the train review.

    It could be a year before TSB releases a public report about the crash. Depending on the findings of the investigation, officials may recommend safety measures.

    On Tuesday, officials observed drivers when rail signals were off and when they switched on signals in the absence of a train.

    Motorists were questioned about visibility, such as if the crossing warnings are easily seen in advance, stopping procedures and other issues, including crossing awareness.

    By early afternoon, investigators had already questioned about two dozen drivers. Some motorists did not stop for questions, while others drove right through flashing lights without hesitation.

    TSB officials will also meet with Nanaimo RCMP to review witness statements from the crash.

    Andrew Hall, who was sitting alone in the backseat of the family's Dodge Spirit, hasn't regained consciousness since the crash. A family member said Andrew was recently moved to the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, a rehabilitation and disability centre at B.C. Children's Hospital.

    A trust fund to collect money for Andrew and brother Shawn, 17, is set up at the CIBC branch in Nanaimo under their names.


    © Copyright (c) Canwest News Service

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    We've had crossing gates at all of the train crossings in my town for as long as I have been alive.

    I have also removed about a half dozen bodies from wrecks at those crossings. They are not the end all/be all to safety devices.
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    Some motorists did not stop for questions, while others drove right through flashing lights without hesitation
    I wonder what "flashing lights" they are referring to?
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