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    Default Washing Bunker/Wildland Gear?

    Hi! I was just wondering what the best way to wash structure gear and wildland gear is? Our department has alot of old bunker gear.. Well not to old but of course they have been sitting for a long time, un-used in a tin building in the middle of nowhere so yeah.. There is no telling what they have been through. However our wildland gear is brand new. Any advise on how to clean these types of gear would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John.

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    Follow the instruction tags in the gear, but most are wash in warm water with mild laundry soap. And utilize the local laundry mat as the bunker gear expecially get real heavy when wet and will totally crater a typical home washer. Been there done that Then hang them up to dry as a dryer will mess up the heat resistance for the gear. Also, check the nfpa year rating. There has been a few changes for 2007 and older gear will not pass the new standards.
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    Do NOT use the local Laundromat.
    Do NOT use your home washer.
    Those washing instructions are for washing in a DEDICATED washer that you find at a Firehall or a professional cleaning service.
    You may be leaving behind all kinds of carcinogens after washing; not good for passing along to the unsuspecting public or your family.

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