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    Default Engineering Student - Helmet and Mask Project

    Hi all -

    I'm an Engineering student at Dartmouth College and I'm working on a project to improve the SCBA mask and helmet. I've interned at my local fire department and talked to many firefighters, so I have some idea about the strengths and weaknesses of current products. However, I would really appreciate any of your own opinions!

    The best way to get your opinions is this 60 second survey: Helmet and Mask Survey

    Any help you can provide would be a great use in my project.


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    Check your link, it just takes me to the survey monkey home page.

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    Ah, sorry for the goof. I'm a member of the same group, we're looking more specifically into the problem of SCBA masks fogging up. We'd really appreciate any feedback on that issue, and we have a new (hopefully working) survey for that purpose: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?s...nJKLCf3A_3d_3d

    Thanks for your time!

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    From the quiz:
    Would you be interested in a product that would blow air over the inside of your mask to prevent fogging?
    Um...isn't what all modern SCBA do...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DubyaVFF View Post
    Um...isn't what all modern SCBA do...?
    Well, we've gotten mixed reports on that from talking to firefighters directly, that's why we're putting this survey out to get more of your experience.

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