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    I was wondering, since may fire districts are leaving analog to go digital, what are you doing with your used radio equipment?

    The reason I ask is that our volunteer fire department in Mexico, does not have funding for our communications, we are actually paying a monthly payment to use some one elses equipment. We would like to obtain our own equipment, so we can be self dependent.

    Just wondering if any of the big guys, might be willinhg to donate their used out of date equipment.

    Thanks for reading,

    Cmdte. Jose Perez
    Bomberos Voluntarios
    Aguascalientes, Mexico

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    You're probably going to find that most departments "Trade In" their gear back to the dealer or manufacturer of the equipment that they are buying new stuff from.

    Reason for this: It keeps "Public Safety Radios" with specialized capabilities out of the hands of certain groups that really don't need them. With some of the newer systems in place, people are buying used radios, programming it for those systems, and then learning a lesson the hard way when the radio system "breaks" their radio and stops it from working -- anywhere.

    What frequency do you guys use? And do you have to do any specialized licensing?
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