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    Default Tip of the leather

    I was recently privilaged and honored to train with a few Canadian Firefighters here in Longview, TX, USA. I was in attendance at the anual Northeast Texas Fire Fighters Assn. live burn at Eastman here in Longview. I was on the line with 2 Canadian firefighters and we had a blast as well as worked well together and learned alot. I feel that there is a great dedication for the men and women that are willing to travel to a diffrent country, let alone around 1300 miles/2092 km to the hellacious climate changes we have here in East Texas, to attend the Kilgore College Fire Academy. Again, I give a tip of the leather and kudos to All Canadian Firefighers.

    Stay Safe, and keep putting wet stuff on the red stuff.

    Bill Davis 930
    West Harrison Fire Dept.
    Southwestern Harrison County, Longview, TX, USA
    Bill Davis
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    Nice to hear that you all had a good time! We recently had a guy from MN come up and train with us in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He had taken the initiative and asked to be sent up for some search and rescue training at our annual fire conference. It worked out great for everyone because we were able to share techniques and discover new ways of getting tasks done.
    We are close to the border here and it would be nice to do more training with departments from the U.S., as it never hurts to see the ways other people are doing their jobs.

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