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    Default Fire Safety House

    Our department houses the Fire Safety House in our county. We are also responsible for any and all maintenance costs that may occur through the year. Until recently, this has not been a problem but we are starting to noticed other departments not taken appropriate care of the trailer. I have proposed to the chief that we create a sign-in/sign-out inspection form that the department wishing to use the trailer would sign. This would protect both departments from unnecessary charges related to damage.

    Does anyone's department operate a FSH in such a way? Do you have a form that we could look at? This form would also be used for us to bill the department that is using the trailer.

    Thanks in advance

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    Everyone gets to use it, but you guys have to foot the bill for maintenance and repairs? Sorry, that equation does not work for me. I would start sending the repair bills to whoever bought the thing.
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