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    Default Sulaymania Iraq Fire Dept

    Heres a few photos from the fire dept here. Suly is a city of about 600,000 in NE Iraq, part of Kurdistan. Most of the units are eother Mercedes or Mitsubishi with Rosenbauer pumps and use British Instantaneous fittings. I believe GunnyV was over here and did some training although I'm not sure just where in Iraq it was. Interestingly, there is no hydranted water supply here, all trucks are followed by tankers and resupplied throughout the fire. They have 6 stations, about 300 members, 6 men to a unit. They have both engines and aerials. Level of training is abysmal. 10 days for incoming FF. They also do water rescue on a nearby lake and the rivers in the wet season.
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    What a trade off.....
    good staffing, but ****ty training.
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    I was in Anbar, and spent some time visiting in Baghdad. There is a national fire academy in Baghdad that the USAF is helping to run. The course is 8 weeks, and they started with senior officers so as to build a cadre of instructors. They also started doing EMT and fire officer right before I left. Entry level training was indeed poor, but many of the officers had been to advanced courses in England, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

    In Anbar they had decent vehicles and manpower, but little PPE. Baghdad, on the other hand, seemed to have plenty of PPE and SCBA. We saw it as part of the Sunni/Shia split. I posted pics from my travels in another thread:


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