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    Default "Soft on" firehouse alert systems

    Anybody out there using an in house night alert system that comes on at very low sound and light levels and increases to full strength in a few seconds? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Valcom

    In my design, I use this Valcom product:


    It has a 4 chime mode that sounds like a door bell. Not as jarring as older alerts.

    My design is here: http://rayvaughan.com/recall.htm

    Someone who used that as a base, came up with another unit that stores your audio in digital memory. So you would make a new sound file that gets louder at what ever rate you want. I wish I could remember who makes it. Seemed like a really good solution.


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    During the day, the dispatchers verbally alert the units, send the tones and then give the full dispatch. It would go something like this: Engine 112, diff breathing at 123 Main St. TONES. Engine 112, 24 year old male with diff breathing..... and so on.

    At night, we pick up basically right after the tones. Depending on the station, the tones (which are silent in night mode) turn on the red lights in the bunk room and activate some fluorescent lights in the truck bays. The red lights "gently" wake you up and then the dispatcher talking helps too. I was a little worried about sleeping through the night dispatch at first, but it hasn't happened yet. And I like that better than our older stations that full lights come on immediately and the tones drop. It does kind of give you a start sometimes.

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