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    Default Off-Season work for Firefighters?

    I'm a young firefighter and this will basically be my first off-season on my own. I'm in Salt Lake City looking for work to hold me over until next fire season and I'm just wondering what other firefighters do for off-season employment? I've been looking into the Ski Patrol and trying to find work in the restaurant industry, a little guidance would be helpful though. Thanks.

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    Do you have your EMT? Alot of seasonals work as ER techs in hospitals in the off season. Alot also sit on unemployment in the winter, but personally I am very much against that. Most seasonals I know make enough in the summer to get themselves through till the next season, though they might work an odd job here or there.
    Hope this helps

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    Default Wild land fire/engine boss

    I have been fighting wild land fire for 20 years now. My husband and I work together on an engine. In a good season we earn enough together to live simply through the winter, but our monthly bills do not add up to a lot compared to most couples our age. In the past we have at one time or another taken jobs in restaurants or janitorial work during the winter, but it gets to be difficult to fill out applications that get noticed when it is obvious that we are not going to commit for more than 3 or 4 months. Often we do odd jobs doing whatever we can. He is a mechanic and sometimes does car repairs from our garage, or a variety of other things. Some government jobs in fire suppression last longer into fall and winter but we work for a small private company. The larger private companies often offer their employees work in brush piling prescribed burns and stuff like that. Many do the unemployment thing, but that is hard to because of being required to look for work.

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