My name is Guido van Herten and i am a 36 year old Captain and assistant Chief in the Belfeld Fire Department in the Netherlands. In our department we operate one engine, one small rescue and special hazmat decontamination unit for chemical suits. I have started collecting international firehelmets more than 20 years ago, but I am always looking for any helmets to make the collection which is exhibited in our firehouse, even bigger. Over the years I have collected more than 319 firehelmets.

Through the contacts I have established over the years and the visits I have paid to the several parts of the world, I have obtained firehelmets from all the parts of the world. In 2008, when our website went "on-line" we learned that it is a big succes. Since april of 2008, we received 130 helmets from fire departments from all over the world: Chicago (Squad 1 and EMT Field Officer), FDNY Fire Patrol 2 FDNY, (old and new, FDNY Battalion Chief helmet and Engine 1 and Ladder 33 from FDNY and just arrived, the new FDNY helmet from a proby firefighter, but also very unique helmets form Vatican city and other countries in Europe.

At the moment we have 319 helmets and our goal is to get to 400 firehelmets by the end of 2010. Please look into our request, we know it is difiicult but we also know that it is possible. We have many trade items that we can sent to you! Please spread the word, are there any old firehelmets lying around? They could help us with our Goal to get to 400!

Check our website to see how our museum looks and what a helmet collection we already have! The website is www.brandweerhelmen.nl

Could you please help us with our request to find or donate (a) used firehelmet(s) for our museum. We do have several firehelmets for a trade and we can also sent caps and t shirts from our fire department.

Please let me know!

Check us at CT or the new helmets site http://www.brandweerhelmen.nl/
Yours truly,

Brandweer Belfeld
Guido van Herten
Pastoor Hermensstraat 4
5951 GB Belfeld
The Netherlands

E-mail museum website: info@brandweerhelmen.nl or Home E-mail guidovanherten@home.nl