As a regular visitor it is time to sign up and introduce myself. My name is Guido van Herten, i am a 36 year old Captain in a Fire Department. In our Department, which is a Volunteer Firehouse from a Professional fully paid Fire Department, in my rank i also act as assistant firechief of our firehouse. I have a girlfriend and one son of 3, our second is due in november.

In my spare time i started collecting firehelmets, more than 25 years ago. At the moment, we have our won museum in the firehouse where all our 319 firehelmets can be seen, also you could visit our website www.brandweerhelmen.nl Our goal is to get to 400 helmets by the end of 2010 and of course i am looking for some help. Any of you who would en could help? For every helmet that is sent to us we offer our company shirt and cap. We do have some helmets for trade!

Spread the word, looking forward to getting to know you!

Stay Safe,