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    Default What is a DJ and when do they go out?

    I applied to the 2009 AFG program. When reading these posts, people keep using the term "DJ". What is it and when do they go out for this year?


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    "DJ" is a Dear John letter and effectively means your grant application was turned down. There are usually about three waves of "DJ" letters. The first is for applicants that don't make it past the computer scoring. Next batches are rejections after peer review and score too low to be funded. The time frame varies on when they are sent out. Some of the experts on here might have a better idea on average of when they go out. It would be sent to you by e-mail, if it happens. Cross your fingers that you don't get one. Best of luck!!

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    Usually the first round of DJ's goes out after two or three rounds of awards. These are the app's that did not make it past the computer as was described above. The additional rounds of DJ's goes out after the funding stream starts to dwindle and there have been a set number of applicants chosen for awards. This group is usually those who have made peer review, but have scored low, and not considered for funding. The third group usually have made fair scores, but still not high enough for funding. It's my understanding that when they pick the apps for funding, they usually pick a large percentage over what can actually be funded and hold their dj's till the end, as they may be funded with any funds that may be declined or returned. But the guru's can probably give you more perspective than me.

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