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    Default Firefighter Who Fell Down Pole Shaft:


    He entered the wrong door, falling through the unguarded hole onto the concrete floor below. The door to the pole was a few feet away from a similar door to the restroom.

    Jones said in court papers that his injuries were a result of negligence by the city and the department for failing to install a proper guard or around the pole or the door that opened to it.

    I don't really understand all that I know about the UNGUARDED pole doors and openings...?

    Here is a photo of one of the three poles [installed in 1896] in old central, with the simple home-made wood doors and galvanized pipe around the opening from the local hardware. There are is no recollection or records of anyone EVER falling through the openings in 74 years.
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    From reading the article, sounds like the pole in question was behind an actual full-sized door, much like a closet. To the un-initiated (or as in this case, a detailed guy from another station) it looks like any other closet, bathroom or another room door. I can easily see how someone from another station, thinking it was the bathroom door, could walk right into it (while rubbing sleep out of his eyes.....) I myself worked in a fire station with this very type of pole enclosure. Perhaps they should have placed some kind of gate inside the door......
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    Sounds like a case where we were better off with the old system of railings. At least with those pictured, you could see what was behind the gates and not confuse it for a closet. Even a half height wall and door would have been better. Of course I have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

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