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    Post Propane Tanks Bleve at fundrasier,Ky.Fire Chief Injured securing scene.

    Propane tanks explode

    Cars damaged, bystander hurt at school fundraiser

    By Rob Ginter - Staff Writer Morehead News

    A cookout fundraiser for the Rowan County high school girl’s basketball team turned scary Saturday.

    “The Morehead Fire Department was notified at 5:20 p.m. on Saturday evening to respond to the Rowan County Senior High School that an explosion had occurred involving a grill,” Assistant Chief John Northcutt said. “While in route firefighters were notified that one subject had sustained burns from the explosion and an ambulance was called.”

    “A small amount of fire was visible when we arrived,” Northcutt said. “The remainder of the fire was quickly extinguished once firefighters were on the scene. According to reports given to us, a gentleman was cooking on a heavily constructed grill being fueled by two 40-pound propane cylinders attached to a trailer,” Northcutt said. “It had caught on fire in the area between the propane tanks and the burners being the cause of the fire and explosion.”

    Three vehicles sustained damage during the blast, according to Northcutt.

    “Quick action by Farmers Fire Chief Darrell Glover helped decrease the intensity of the event,” Northcutt said. “Darrell Glover was attending the fundraiser and acted quickly to evacuate the area and help controlled the scene moving bystanders away from the scene. A bystander did attempt to extinguish the fire but Glover did the right thing having him evacuate the area.”

    “Darrell was behind a brick wall several feet from the grill when it exploded,” Northcutt said. “He sustained burns to his head and hands and was transported to St. Claire Regional Medical Center and discharged.”

    “At first I thought I thought I could put my gear on and go turn it off,” Glover said. “By the time I got to my truck and turned back everything was burning. Once everything got burning I was just trying to get everyone away from it.”

    “I was around the corner from it and I thought I was safe when it exploded. I couldn’t even see it but the big ball of fire suck back into the corridor that I was in. The tank parts blew at least 210 feet away. I’ll heal and I’ll be all right but I’m just glad nobody got hurt.”

    The explosion shaking the ground was felt and heard by those living in the area.

    “It shook the house up pretty good,” Richard White said. “We thought the pipeline blew up and you could feel it outside.”

    White could feel tremors from the blast at a Flemingsburg Road residence approximately a mile away.

    “We had reports that the explosion was heard as far away as from Lowe’s to Copperas Hollow,” Northcutt said.

    “Propane is heavy so it’s low to the ground and acts differently from natural gas,” Morehead Chief Jeff Anderson said. “What can happen if you put the fire out and you still have a leak is the gases can still continue to pour out to the lowest point it can find till it finds an ignition source.”

    The fire is under investigation by the State Fire Marshall’s Office and the Morehead Fire Department. Also at the scene was the Morehead Police Department whose officers did reports on the vehicle damage.
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    Farmers Kentucky Fire Chief Darrell Glover is resting at home after being treated at Saint Clare Regional Medical Center and referrred for Out-Pt's burn treatment at Unversity of Cinncinnti Hospital Burn Center.He suffered 1st and
    2nd degree burns on both hands along with his face and ears.Their is video of this event.I hope to be able to post it at a later date.The actions he took just prior to the bleve saved lives.

    Heal quickly my brother.
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    Always a day late and a dollar short!

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