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    Default So I took the CritiCall test this morning.... (Dispatch)

    And my scores were the following:

    Non-Data-Entry Overall Score: 97%

    Data-Entry Overall Score: 6018 KPH

    I recently applied for a Emergency/911 Dispatch job in Tennessee and this was the first step required. I was told that the minimum requirements for this test were 80% and 3000KPH but I was wondering if anyone who has experience taking this test or using it to hire would be able to give me an idea of how my scores compares to most and what my chances of being hired on are?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Great scores!

    I recently took this test myself in Florida when I applied for a Communications Officer job. I scored 100% in almost every catagory...but then again I have been doing this job for over 17 years. There was one section of the test that I did score pooly on (but I passed it).
    I don't know how long you have been doing the job...or if you have ever. But, your scores look pretty darn good to me. Good Luck in your job search!

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