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    Default Severe Weather Ripping Area

    We just completed working a tornado that damaged 20-30 homes, which hit at 1300. This was the first line of storms.

    Bossier City just dispatched to extremly tornado heavy damage in a commercial area bordered by a densly populated residental area.

    Benton just dispatched to an apartment complex hit by a tornado with heavy damage and people trapped.

    These were a result of the 2nd line of storms.

    Main line of storms has not hit area. Projected to hit at 2000-2100.
    Winds of 60 mph. Rains of 5-8" within the next 12 hours. Most rivers and lakles already flooded from above average October precip. Very heavy flooding expected.

    Several churches in Shreveport reporting steeples ripped off.

    Keep personnel in this area in your thoughts. Might be a very rough evening.

    I'm sure east Texas is getting hit just as hard. Keep us in mind.
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    Benton reporting a few minor injuries with other nearby structural damage to SF residences.

    Bossier City working a 2-alarm fire in an apartment building in the tormado's wake plus several rescues. Several businesses heavily damaged or destroyed. Large number of SF residences heavily damaged. No specific number available.

    At least 2 more lines of severe weather on radar before heavy rain hits overnight.

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    Be careful La. I think we're getting alot of the storms you guys are seeing (here in Houston), and it's supposed to get worse tonite. Batten down the hatches!!!

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    Wow! Haven't seen any news reports yet, but imagine there will be some soon. Hope there are no deaths. Keep your heads down and watch you back guys. All the best to you.

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    SHREVEPORT, La. - One man is dead and a landmark church steeple toppled onto a car in Louisiana after a line of thunderstorms spawned several tornadoes there and in neighboring Arkansas.

    Authorities said an unnamed 20-year-old driver died when his car hit a tree felled by the storms Thursday near Shreveport.

    At least three tornadoes touched down in northwest Louisiana.

    The storms blew the signature steeple off a church in downtown Shreveport. The falling tower hit a car and the 57-year-old driver, Michael Williams, had to be pulled out by rescuers. He suffered broken bones.

    The storms brought heavy rain and at least two tornadoes in Arkansas, but there were no reports of injuries in that state. Roads were flooded in parts of southwest Arkansas.

    Power outages
    Thousands were without power in Louisiana early Friday, The Shreveport Times reported on its Web site.

    Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn told the Shreveport Times that damage appeared to be widespread, with power lines down in several parts of the city.

    Mike Berry, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, said the severe line of thunderstorms brought between 3 and 6 inches of rain in the area. Berry confirmed at least three twisters.

    We are looking at extensive damage throughout our service area," the newspaper quoted Kacee Kirschvink, a spokeswoman for utility company AEP-SWEPCO as saying.

    Power lines downed
    The company reported 19,737 of its customers without power at the height of the storm, The Shreveport Times said, adding that a fresh round of storms felled more power lines and caused fresh outages later on Thursday.

    The American Red Cross set up a shelter in the gym at Platt Elementary School in Haughton.

    Tornado warnings forced authorities to cancel events at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds.

    In Arkansas, the National Weather Service confirmed a twister at East Camden on Thursday afternoon.

    Stay safe guys!
    -I have learned people will forget what you said,
    -People will forget what you did,
    -But people will never forget how you made them feel!

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    Yes it did hit Camden home of the Arkansas Fire Academy... Class room damaged, apparatus bay gone, burn building damaged, and every vehicel damaged. NO ONE at AFA hurt, thank god. Yall be safe.

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    Exclamation Video of LRFD Rescue

    The same weather system that launched tornadoes in NW Louisiana and SW Arkansas also dumped a lot of rain -- especially here in Central Arkansas.

    KARK-TV had a live truck on scene near one of the flooded streets in Little Rock when someone decided to drive through a few feet of water. The video caught the SUV sinking, a rescue attempt by a bystander and, finally, the LRFD popping the window and making the grab. Good job to those guys.

    Here is the video:

    On my side of the river, I know North Little Rock FD had to evacuate at least one apartment complex by boat due to the high water. There were several other places under multiple feet of water with cars submerged.

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    Final Assessment in our district -

    39 residental structures damaged w/ 5 listed as major and 4 as moderate.
    8 sheds/outbuildings destroyed.
    1 minor injury in the structure.

    4 cars destroyed by falling trees.

    Power expected to be out until at least Monday in that area.

    (1) 5 vehicle MVA on 1-20 in our district at the same time as the tornado response to the neighborrhood w/ 7 injuries as result of cars stopping while tornado passed over interstate. Run was handled by 2 mutual aid departments plus an ambo from Bossier City in addition to 3 trucks from Bossier Parish EMS as most of our resources were committed.

    I-20 was closed for over 5 hours due to debris on the highway and the MVA.

    2 other minor MVAs handled by us at the same time as we were operating initially at the tornado location as result of the tornado or heavy rain.

    Heavy overnight rain required 2 structural rescues of 4 people and 3 vehicle rescues of 4 more people.

    Shreveport and Bossier City conducted multiple vehicle rescues overnight as well.

    No heavy rain today as predicted or else flooding would have been very significant.

    Around the area Bossier City had significant damage to one apartment complex with a complete loss of a 4-unit townhouse due to a fire started by wires arching. Also other units in complex had moderate damage and several residences with moderate damage. At least 3 businesses had significant damage or were a total loss.

    Shreveport had structural damage including a church steeple blown off on a vehicle. Driver in serious but stable condition.

    Bossier Parish EMS had it's brand new administration and training building in Benton, just opened in March, destroyed. I know there is other damage in Benton including significant damage to an apartment complex and moderate damage to a second but I have no other info beyond that.
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