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    Default Lac du Bonnet fire destroys 1946 grocery store

    It's a little late. I haven't had the opportunity to post this earlier. This is a fire we had on Tuesday October 20.


    I arrived shortly after 6am from work. The fire call came in at approx 4:30am.

    The cause has been determined to be a box of sports jerseys that were near contact with an element through an opened inspection port of their water heater and were ignited through pyrolosis.

    When the first due arrived on scene they found fire extention into a adjacent hotel room, which they focused on first. They put that fire out in short order.

    The fire in the grocery store was started in the basement and was burning hot and heavy. Interior attack was ruled out immediately due to heavy fire and smoke in the basement, extending into the main floor at the rear of the store.

    This was a 4 alarm fire. A helicopter was eventually called in with a bucket to assist as we do not have any aerials in our department or immediate mutual aid district.

    A hose line was stretched to the rooftop of the adjacent hotel to assist once the heavy fire was knocked down by the helicopter.
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    Wow, don't know too many places that get an air-drop for a building fire.
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