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    Default Calling in Sick, how do you guys do it?

    Gathering data; when you call in sick or "mark-out", what's the process? I know of one department where you call your Battalion Chief, another you just call your O.I.C.

    I heard of one department, where if you call in sick, you then have to go to the "city nurse/doctor" that day.

    What does your department do?

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    We have to call our batt chief prior to 2200 the night before, or between 1530 and 0600 that morning. If you take on shift, you're good to go. If you take a second (or more), you have to have a doctor's note to return to work.

    If you call in, you cannot do any other work (paid or volunteer, or even help a buddy out) unless you call and tell the batt chief you're no longer sick and are available for call-back.

    If you call in for a family member, you have to have a doctor's note to be off. If it's for a child and you're taking off because your spouse is at work, you have to return to work once your spouse gets home.

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