PG firefighters wrap up prevention month with safety checklist
Story Discussion Laura Giles - Correspondent | Posted: Friday, October 30, 2009 2:05 pm | No Comments Posted

Font Size: Default font size Larger font size In an effort to help residents stay safe in their homes, the Pleasant Grove Fire Department has added a fire safety checklist to the city's Web site. Chief Marc Sanderson told the City Council at a recent meeting that the checklist is a wrap-up of Fire Prevention Month.

In addition to providing the checklist to residents, the department has been educating people of all ages about fire safety during the month. "October is Fire Prevention Month," said Deputy Fire Chief Dave Thomas. "We saw between 1,000 to 2,000 people during the month."

Some of those people came into the station to take tours, learn about fire safety and what firefighters do and to see the equipment that is used. Members of the department also visited schools during the month to promote fire safety.

Thomas said that this is a good time of year for everyone to do a walk-through of their homes and check for possible hazards. "Especially with the cold weather and furnaces being used," he said. "We tend to close our homes up more in the winter so the potential for hazards is greater."

The items on the Fire Safety Checklist are organized into the following categories: Alternative Heaters, Kerosene Heaters, Wood Stoves and Fireplaces, Smoke Detectors, Electrical Wiring, Electric Space Heaters, Children and Fire Safety, Home Fire Escape Plan, Fire Safety Technology and Safe Cooking Practices.

According to Thomas, cooking fires are the most prevalent type of home fires in Pleasant Grove. "Our fires are almost always accidental," he added. "Usually someone turns their back and forgets they are doing something."

The 60 firefighters, including 15 full-time and 45 part-time, in the department receive approximately 300 fire calls per year, according to Thomas. "A fairly small percentage are full-blown structure fires," he said. There are six firefighters on duty at all times.

While October was a busy month for visitors to the fire station, that will slow down during the winter season. Chief Sanderson has decided to suspend fire station tours and other public relations programs until there is a dramatic decrease in H1N1 flu cases.

"Through the course of our day to day operations, we see several patients. We have concerns for cross-contamination and exposure in both directions," Thomas said.

To download the fire safety checklist for your home, go to