As many of you already know WSI is a business and not a fire department so it's always about the money and not the personnel. That's fine as long as you're aware of this and also sign on for the money. If I can give you one piece of advice it is to CYA (cover your *****) at all times because nobody has your back. Now learn from my mistake:

If WSI does not decide to re-contract you GET IT IN WRITING! If you do not ask for it in writing they won't give you any documentation stating your termination or lack of re-contract and when you try to draw unemployment, they will claim you "left for personal reasons" voiding your eligibility for unemployment. I've never had to draw unemployment in the past so was unaware of the requirement nor did I suspect WSI to out right lie or interfere after I'd left the company. Talk about insult to injury. I'm sure I'm not the first this has happened to nor will I be the last. This is a great way for a company not to have to pay into unemployment. I'm sure it's also why they're based out of Florida which has one of the lowest paying unemployment rates in the States. The money isn't much but everybody who meets the criteria should be entitled to it without obstruction from WSI. Hope that helps somebody.