Hi everyone,

I am a firefighter at USAF Plant 42 and myself along with a few others would like to get certified for the Driver Operator courses. These inclde Pumper, ARFF and MWS. We were hoping to bring a trainer in from either TEEX or Great Oaks.

So I have a list of questions and would appreciate any feedback.

1. Is there a minimum head count required?
2. How much advanced noticed would the instructors need?
3. If we have a Train The Trainer, can he sign us off on the practicals?
4. Being a CA base, do we need to have a Firefighter Class B license before we take the class?
5. Cost?

Any info at all would be awesome. Also, if we do get this thing off the ground, I am guessing we could add people from other DOD bases who want to take the class. I am thinking the more bodies...the better.

Thanks for any feedback,