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    Default 1-Ton Chlorine Cylinder Overpressure Pictures

    While teaching a class with the private hazmat instructional company I work with this week we were approached by one of the employees of the facility. He said they had a 1-ton chlorine cylinder with some strange damage to the head of the cylinder he wanted to show us. This is what we found.

    Anyone who has ever dealt with 1-ton cylinders knows this is not how they should look. The head of the cylinder was bulged out to the right of the valve, causing the valve itself to be ****ed to the left. Chlorine company staff stated that the cylinder was not that way when delivered. The only thing we could think of was that it was overfilled and the product expaned on a hot day. However, I have never seen damage like this to a 1-ton cylinder before.

    The chlorine company would not take the cylinder back. The facility has been using as much of the product they can quickly as possible.

    Thought I would share.
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    Thanks for sharing, good pics for the safe, unsafe, dangerous talks

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