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    Talking To be a kid again

    Top toys pass the torture test

    Canwest News Service November 2, 2009 7:25 AM

    TORONTO The top kid approved, safety-tested toys for 2009 were released Monday by Today's Parent magazine.

    Volunteer families tried out 200 different toys, rating them on their lasting play value and how they stand up to wear and tear.

    For infants and toddlers, there are Dandelion Organic Toys by Re-Think It, made with machine-washable organic cotton and the Natural Skwish, the classic Skwish toy in a natural wood finish.

    Top toys for preschoolers include Mattel's Matchbox Mega Rig Pirate Ship, and Sprig Toy's Eco Trucks made from recycled plastic and sawdust.

    For school aged children, there are Lego's Lego Track Turbo RC, and Gamewright's Too Many Monkeys card game. On the list for preteens, are Blue Orange Games Yamslam and Milton Bradley's action toy Bop It!

    All the infant, toddler and preschool toys on the list were laboratory tested and found to be lead free, Today's Parent senior editor Sandra E. Martin said. Tests were conducted at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont.

    Martin said this year's list includes a growing number of green choices for parents to purchase.

    "Not only are they concerned about toxins reaching children, they are also thinking about the environment," Martin said.

    The magazine said the top toys were given to "real kids" and their parents to test for two months.

    Toy testers looked at the fun factor and if the samples held up to the rough and tumble of everyday play.

    Toy editor Marcia MacQuarrie screened all the contenders.

    Copyright (c) Canwest News Service
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    Back before Rodney King got his beat down,armed Tennessee security officers could carry PR-24 type batons with the requisite training.I had just gotten certified and had the gear needed to add my sidearm and baton to my "bat belt".
    At the time,my pre- ex wife girlfriend had a 5 year old son.(yes,it's going there)
    One time,they had to spend the day at my place due to the heat being out at hers and while I'd locked up the guns,my baton was leaning against the gun cabinet.
    While I was napping,"Sonny" decided he could play with the polycarbonate stick he found in my room and managed to break it.
    Monodnack,at the time,claimed that their product could not be broken by human strength,that at the minimum,it had to be run over by a vehicle to overstress the plastic.
    I sent them the pieces with a note that read "Oh yeah?" stapled to the ad I'd last looked at before buying the thing.Included in the package was a picture of my soon to be step-son gleefully holding up the shattered pieces of a uniform accessory that I paid for out of my own pocket on the strength of their advertisement.
    I never got a response but they did change their advertisement about how strong their product was to avoid the "unbreakable" claim.

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