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    Default Stream Light Fire Vulcan LED

    Hello everyone I am wondering is anyone using this light? How is the LED in smoke, is it like high beams in the fog or is it comparable to the regular fire vulcan with a bulb. I am looking to buy my own light and just want to see if the LED is worth it or not. I like the LED but want to get the one that is going to work all around the best so any pros or cons and guidance that anyone can offer would be great. Thanks.

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    I have the halogen Vulcan and it kicks ***. I hate LED because it reflects off of smoke and blinds everyone else working inside. I throw my Vulcan on the charger in my locker after each shift and it holds a long charge. I have a Stream light survivor on my coat and a Vulcan that I wear with the quick release seatbelt shoulder strap, both are halogen and work great. By the way the blue tale lights on mine are awesome, besides one of them melted.
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