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    Cool Other Resources.....

    A few resources you can also use for this type of information are: The "Good Ole Boys" (trust me, they know their stuff......), the Manufacturer's Manual, the Pump Panel/the area of the Pump Panel (look for Instructions/Directions on changing from Pressure to Volume) and also IFSTA Pumper, believe it's the 2nd Edition that's current.

    Ask your Engineer/Chauffeur or whatever your Department calls them. Also don't be afraid to ask Senior FFs that you trust.

    That's just my 2 cents to help ya.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by drakescrossing View Post
    When i learned to pump we pulled out the parade piece--a 54 lafrance. Evertyhing was manual on that baby. Then we got to work with governors later.
    Same here other than she was a 69 lafrance. We got our first governors controlled engine a couple years ago and I hate the damn thing. I'll take a hand throttle and PRV any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johngagemn
    An automatic nozzle is designed to always maintain 100 psi nozzle pressure. As you increase or decrease the pressure at the nozzle it will increase or decrease the flow rate through the nozzle in order to maintain the 100 psi. If you drop below 100 psi due to inadequate pump pressure the nozzle performs poorly and you have a very low flow rate.
    Thanks for the info, and welcome aboard.

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