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Thread: MDT terminals

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    Default MDT terminals

    We're in the process of developing specs for MDT terminals. What brand, both computer and mount are you guys using? Who has the best customer support?What brand would you stay away from? Where do you have them located ( directly in front of the officer or on the engine tunnel?

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    Best Brand, Hands Down is Panasonic Tough Book. Well worth the money. They are tough as hell. I've had my for the past eight years in my patrol car, and it has took a beating and still works like a champ.

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    Stay away from your "home consumer" grade notebooks.

    Dell, Panasonic, Level 3, Motorola, all offer ruggedized public safety solutions.

    A "swivel" mount that has the ability to crane around on a pivot point with locking hardware is a must. It allows your personnel to position it to how they like to view / type , etc.

    Get a mount that offers a clip, or some form of "rest" for the screen to lay against. Velcro or some form of strap to hold it in place and prevent it from bouncing will increase longevity of your units in the case of a "laptop" style unit.

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    We use the tough book laptops, and they have worked out extremely well. As for the mounts, I need to find out who makes them. What I can say about them, is they have a bar that locks it into place, and is adjustable to swing in a 180* arc. They can also be adjusted up and down, moved forward and back, and tilted at the base. The mounts themselves also have a barrel key so you can lock the laptop in place.

    As for mounting, it depends on each rigs setup in the cab. You should go through whoever is mounting them, and have them mount it so you have easy access in and out, as well that it doesn't block the raising of the doghouse cover. We had each rig done one at a time, and the officers decide where they wanted it. Otherwise, there are alot of options for mounting them.

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    We went away from the Toughbooks and went with a system from Acura Embedded Systems. Not a laptop, but a touch screen monitor and a "powerbrick" that is the actual computer portion of the unit. It allowed us to put the computer behind the officer's seat and just have a monitor mounted in from of the officer. Our chief's saw them out in San Diego with the main portion of the unit in a paint shaker working perfectly. We were able to put our maps into a pdf and use links to be able to call up a list of streets and go directly to that are on the maps. As for mounts, Acura has various mounts that are offered to fit various types of vehicles.

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    The Xplore tablet can also be removed from the vehicle pretty easily. It is a touch screen and has many different types of mounting devices.


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    We use the Motorola reggedized version. The mounts however, relly need a close look at. The installer tried a cookie cutter version on the unit intended for my engine the day before my shift. I made them move it when they returned during my shift stating the concerns of it becomming a sandwich in the event of a accident. Their fix was to move it to the engine hump which still had it in the way of the driver. We recently had one of our guys fabricate a mount that followed the contour of the dash, out of the way of the driver and where it won't become a keyboard appetizer. Customization in mounting is a must.

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