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    Default This is a big problem...

    Hi, I'm currently in high school and I am in an engineering class (this is my senior year). The the senior project we had to pick a problem and develop a product to solve it. I'm am on a volunteer fire department in my home town and we always have problems getting the right address from dispatch; the town is very small and rural. So, I decided to make a beacon-type device that will help emergency responders (and neighbors, etc) find your home in case of an emergency. Yes, I know that there are products out there already similar to it, but I fell as if I can make it better if I get some feed back from the actual people trying to find the home. So, if you have a minute, please fill out this survey. Thank you.


    **The survey complete, thank you everyone that helped out though.**
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    Consider it done.

    When I saw the format, I was a bit skeptical about you and your intentions (nothing personal, but there are those unscrupoulous snake oil salesman who use surveys like this to get attention and a form of free advertising for their gizmos) so I googled McCanntech.org.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is a technical high school in North Adams, Massachusetts, in the northwest section of the Commonwealth.

    The kid is legit... let's help him.

    CristofoliniX.. good luck in your project!
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    Default Good Luck

    I'm there also.........good luck with your project.
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    Just filled out your survey, good luck!

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    Done and good luck!

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    Default Thank you

    Sorry about coming off kind of sketchy; and thank you everyone, the survey is complete (I got the 100 responses I needed). Once again, thank you.

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