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    I am a Hull Tech. in the U.S. Navy and have dislocated my A/C joint on the job a year ago.( the joint where your collar bone and shoulder meet.) I have full range of motion now, but I get a substantial amount of pain after awhile of work but itís still manageable They say I can get sugary but I can live with it if I chose.
    I really want to be a civilian firefighter and think my surgery mite effect my chances as a Firefighter.
    Will my Surgery void my chances as a firefighter?

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    Thanks for serving your country on our behalf. Stay safe out there.

    If your shoulder hurts now, it will really hurt after a day of throwing ladders on the grinder. Ladders are very heavy (as is most of the equipment used in firefighting). Get it taken care of NOW, while the military will pay for it.

    Will it hurt you in the medical? Not if it is all taken care of. It could hurt you if you are still broken.....

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    I had a third degree A/C separation in my right shoulder six years ago and decided to go forward with the surgery, even though it is elective. Recovery was quite painful and long, but well worth it. I have recently passed my medical (with full disclosure) with a large department in California. I hope this will give you some encouragement as I have little if any side effects from the injury.

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