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    Default New York Fire Patrol

    Please support New York Assembly Bill A 09046 and New York Senate Bill S 06090 Since 1867, by statute, insurance companies have voted an annual assessment to support the New York Fire Patrol. Please sign the petition and pass it along. http://www.gopetition.com/online/31869.html

    The NY Fire Patrol was the last Salvage Unit in the United states. "The Patrol responded primarily to fires at commercial structures, however they would respond to high loss residential fires at times. During the fire the Patrol would spread canvas salvage covers, remove water, operate elevators and secure utilities.

    After the fire the Patrol would attempt to prevent further damage to facilities and equipment, with the goal of reducing insurance claims for the damaged goods. Over the years, they grew adept at preventing water damage by immediately pumping out excess water from fire department hoses, at preventing computer and electronics damage by covering and removing equipment as soon as possible, and at preventing damage from the elements by covering broken windows and doors with tarps as soon as possible."

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    The Rochester Protectives might disagree that the NY Fire patrols is the last salvage company in the US

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    Default NY Fire Patrol

    NY Fire Patrol was the last salvage group funded by the insurance companies. They need your help and others. Please go to the link below to sign the petition to bring back the NY Fire Patrol. They worked hand in hand with FDNY and NY needs to bring them back. They have had NY covered please support these guys in red helmets and sign their petition. We need you now. http://www.gopetition.com/online/31869.html

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