Hey guys. I asked this same question a few weeks ago down in the safety section and got few responses, so i figured i would go straight to the source.
Im looking at buying a pair of leather boots. I am on a budget at this time and are looking at Thorogood boots. I had two particular models in mind.

The 10" Tri cert boots (structural/wildland/USAR)

and the Thorogood 14" Power HV boots

I have little experience with leather boots as i have only ever worn rubber boots. Alot of members of my dept and others have tried to steer me away from purchasing them. (even though they all choose to wear leathers over the rubbers) My question is are the leathers that much better? and between the two options listed which would be a better choice?
Id love to buy a pair of globes but im on a budget and cannot afford something of that price, im an unemployed college student living at home.

I appreciate any feedback that you guys have. I hope that i have not asked a question previously asked. I could not find alot of information on either of these two boots and was looking for some input.