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    I want to become a firefighter but i have snapping tricep syndrome...basically elbow squeezes the end of my tricep or something..and it hurts reaaaaaal bad. Pushups are the only thing that bothers it...will this be an issue?

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    Most academies will make you do pushups as part of their training regimen. Do bench presses hurt? I figure they would, as it's a similar motion.

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    Is there anyway you can fix the problem, like rehab or surgery? Would your physician write you a medical release today? Are you going to try and enroll in fire academy out of your own pocket or are you going to try and get hired on by a department first?

    I ask because most fire academys require you to get a medical release from your physician before you can start. If you are going to try and get hired on by a department, you will have to inform them of your past medical history and take a physical. Usually departments wait and make a candidate take a physical right before they offer them the job. It's to see if you are medically capable for the job and so they can avoid hiring someone with potentially dangerous underlying medical conditions. It would suck if you spent the several months of successfully completing every part of a fire department's hiring process, but then be eliminated because your syndrome caused you to fail the physical. I would try to get this fixed first if possible.

    Your triceps will be punished in academies that actually have a good P.T. program. You will also find yourself in awkward positions sometimes (like during search and rescue, saving our own) which could possibly further injure your condition.

    I hope everything works out for the best!

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    Instead of pushing up, just push the world down, opposite motion............... no pain..............I hope your elbow will cease hurting reeeeallllllllll baddddddddddd soon.
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    Default Elbow

    The issue is more than likely a muscular imbalance in the shoulder creating a misalignment at the elbow. The alignment of the shoulders can be thrown off by over or under training certain muscles and not others around the joint. It like a fixed pully with a rope being pulled at an angle, eventually there will be wear and tear creating pain. Always remember to train all directions of the joint: Horiz push/pull, vert push pull. I would recommend not doing any loading for about 2 weeks while you work on unloaded shoulder exercising focusing on getting your shoulder blades down and back, full ROM in all directions especially extension and full rotatoin in both directions. Unless there is a structural issue (bony growth or tendon tear) surgery is the last resort. Exercised based rehab/training not modality based rehab should be the focus

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