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    Default More....It would be funny if it weren't true

    So if you thought that Old Ironsides being protested for its cannon firings was bad.......We'll take you to Western Massachusetts.

    Seems a guy released from Federal prison and in a halfway house for being involved in a violent plot to overhtrow the government, killing a New Jersey State Trooper, and plotting to kill 2 Massachusetts State Troopers has been invited to speak at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (the East Coast version of UC Berkley.) The organization sponsoring this event has, as its emblem, a big red star.....a-la the Communist symbol. You just cannot make this stuff up.


    Angry cops rally to protest terrorist’s speech at UMass

    By Dave Wedge and Michele McPhee | Wednesday, November 11, 2009 | http://www.bostonherald.com | Local Coverage
    Busloads of furious police from as far away as New Jersey are expected to descend on University of Massachusetts at Amherst tomorrow night to protest a speech by the leader of a cop-killing terror group after Gov. Deval Patrick failed to block the extremist’s appearance.

    Citing Herald stories that exposed the controversy, the state Senate passed a resolution yesterday “roundly condemning” domestic terrorist Raymond Luc Levasseur’s appearance at the publicly funded university.

    But Patrick told reporters he was powerless to stop the speech, saying, “I have brought all the pressure that I can bring to bear that is consistent with my role and the university’s role.”

    A convicted bomber and leader of the bloodthirsty anarchist group United Freedom Front, Levasseur is now under federal parole in Maine.

    The speech is being sponsored by UMass’ Social Thought and Political Economy Program, a campus organization that has ignored opposition from Patrick and University of Massachusetts officials. Levasseur’s 7:15 p.m. speech was approved by taxpayer-paid professors who run the program, known as STPEC. The program’s director, professor Sara Lennox, who makes $117,000-a-year, did not return messages.

    STPEC instructor James Fiorentino, a graduate student who helped organize the forum, said “sponsorship does not imply an agreement with the tactics or the political views of Mr. Levasseur.

    “Social change and terrorism are issues of our time and it’s important to have a forum where this history can be discussed,” he said.

    Cops, politicians and relatives of United Freed Front victims are planning to protest, including Donna Lamonaco, a widow whose New Jersey trooper husband, Phil, was gunned down by the group in 1981. Levasseur served 18 years in federal prison for a string of bombings, including a 1976 attack at the Suffolk County courthouse. Patrick has publicly blasted UMass for permitting the event and last night called Lamonaco to apologize.

    “He said he was personally against it, but the terrorist has rights. So do the professors and the students,” Lamonaco said. “That’s true. But he could choose to side with what’s right - with law enforcement or with someone who represents terror. We know what choice was made.”

    UMass spokesman Robert Connolly insisted that “no additional money (was) used for travel expenses, a stipend, so that (Levasseur was) not financially enhanced in any way” with taxpayer funds.

    In a statement, UMass president Jack Wilson said officials “strongly disapprove of” Levasseur’s campus appearance but had “no way of preventing a speaking appearance, based on free speech and free assembly rights.”

    Article URL: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/reg...icleid=1211031
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    Sad. Truely sad

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