Texas City & County Friends,

Thank you for taking advantage of the Grant Funded Work Zone Safety & Traffic Control Training Program delivered by UT Arlington this year. As a result of your participation in this training program, we conducted 92 classes and trained 1672 city and county workers across Texas in FY2009.

This program has been funded by TxDOT again for 2010 and a new Work Zone Construction Safety Course (CCT 401) has been added that provides each participant with an OSHA 10-Hour Card. This OSHA 10-Hour Card is nationally recognized and the training your workforce will receive during this class is directly applicable to the transportation industry. We anticipate an incredible demand for this training especially with the addition of the valuable OSHA 10-Hour Card, so please contact us for immediate scheduling of a training class in your area.

I also encourage you to include the other grant-funded courses listed below in your training calendar for 2010. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you again for your support this year.

Bill Staley

Division for Enterprise Development

University of Texas at Arlington

No Cost Training for Texas City and County Participants

N E W Work Zone Construction Site Safety Including OSHA 10-Hour (CCT 401)

This course provides health and safety training related to construction in work sites with emphasis on hazards and safeguards associated with construction and maintenance in road work. This training will significantly help workers in local bodies of government who are charged with insuring contractor compliance with federal safety and health standards and expand emphasis on worker safety to city and county work zone sites. As an added benefit, participants will receive an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Wallet Card upon successful completion of this course. 1 Days (12 hours)

* Work Zone Traffic Control/Qualified Flagger (CCT 520) Review basic principles and standards for the design, application, installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices required for construction and maintenance work as set forth in Part VI of the TMUTCD. Certified flaggers meet qualifications established by the Texas Department of Transportation. 2 Days (16 hours)

Planning Work Zone Traffic Control (CCT 210) Familiarizes students with the engineering aspects of work zone traffic control: policies, practices, strategies, and hardware. This course is designed for employees at a Field Supervisors or Crew Chief level. (16 hours)

Night Road Work Planning and Implementation (CCT 333) Overview of basic concepts and principles related to work zone traffic control and the finding published in reports 475, 476 and final report 17-17 of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program of the Transportation Research Board. (16 hours)

Installation and Maintenance of Signs and Pavement Markings (CCT 515) Covers accepted practices and regulations for sign design, installation, and maintenance. Also provides training in the technology, application, and maintenance of pavement markings (16 hours)

* The CCT520 is recognized by TCEQ for 16 hours of training credit for water and wastewater operators in Texas

Available for All City & County Employees, and Volunteer Firefighters in Texas

No cost to participants. Training is funded by a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation. To schedule a class in your area, contact Bill Staley, The University of Texas at Arlington, Division for Enterprise Development 866-906-9190, email: wstaley@uta.edu or Angela Bailey at 281-506-8321, email: arbailey@uta.edu

CCT520 is the one for VFDs, reduces liability considerably when working highway incidents.