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    Default I need ya'lls help and knowledge

    I am currently a firefighter in the Air Force, i just got back from a deployment in Iraq, and i want to go back. I know the the living conditions and the mortar/rocket attacks and life on a forward operating base, the weather, and being away from home... This time i want to go back as a contract firefighter. I have been reading that WSI is going to be going under, i want to get a position in Afghanistan... What is the best contract company to go through and does anyone have any contact info for recruiters or the fastest way to get the process going? also, i dont have my EMT yet, but i do have my CPR/ First Aid first responder, do i need my EMT as a pre req.?

    I thank you all for your time and happy Veterans day!


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    Default Over There

    I would not count WSI out and or "going under" They may be having some "teenage growing pains” but I do not believe the roumers.

    ITT is in Afghan

    DynCorp Int is in Afghan

    Please just know these are "At will contracts" you have NO union protection; your boss can get you fired for Just Cause or Cause.

    All of these LOCAP type contractors want lams, non thinkers, automatons.
    Do Not Make any waves and you will complete your contract year.
    Get in get the $$$$$$$BLING and get out to a good Government JOB!!!
    Pay your taxes do not get sucked into the mistake of filling out the Hold No Tax forms you do not want a 14K tax bill if you do not complete you year.
    Oh yes GET EVERYTHING in writing or they will turn on you and change the rules.
    EX: man goes to TX to work for DynCorp. Int.
    Drove in excess of 60 miles “Performing Tasks as directed by the employer”. (pee test, physical, dental ETC)
    DynCorp has refused to pay him for the mileage. It turns he could have sat on his couch and done nothing as medical, dental, security (sf85) was all taken care of by DynCorp during the week of in-processing.
    They say we will reimburse you for dental (only of your deployed)

    The bottom line do not trust any of these big government contractors any farther that you can toss a C-17.

    Bust of lock you may IM me @

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