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    Default Bachelors in Communication

    Hello all, I'm pretty new here and I have a question that I couldn't find an answer to in the search. I am 21 and have been attending college for four years now, working toward a Bachelors in Interpersonal/Public Communication. I am nearing completion now and would like to know how this may benefit me in a career as a fireman?

    You see, I am taking my school's 240 class next semester, as well as the EMT-Basic. Yes, it's a drastic career change, but I've been a part of my local volunteer department for long enough to know that this is absolutely the right path for me. So how about it; will this help me at all? Thanks!

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    I had the same question as you. During my first 2 years in college I had no idea WTF i wanted to do with my life so I just stuck to general eds. Nearing the 2nd year I discovered I want to be a firefighter. So I decided to take a couple of fire science classes at my local community college, which solidified my choice in becoming a firefighter. Soon I had to start choosing a major, and my mother of all things, suggested communication. I looked into it, and thought it wasn't a bad idea. So the next class meeting at my fire science class, I asked my professor, who just happens to be a battalion chief and will be moving in the the assistant chief's spot in 1 month, how beneficial a degree in communications would be. He said that it was an excellant choice and the fire service always needs people who are good with communicating with the public whether it would be interpersonal on day-to-day calls, or to the general population in community outreach, news conferences, etc. etc. So, I'm not a firefighter yet, but that was my experience from what I was told. I hope that helps a bit. Cheers.

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    Thanks for the reply. Wow, that story is eerily similar to mine hahaha. How far along are you now?

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