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    Quote Originally Posted by supafly808 View Post
    Anatomy and medical terminology would be a couple of good places to start especially if you dont have a strong background in medical.
    I agree 100%. I took my EMT class with minimal prior medical knowledge, got out into the field, then took some anatomy and medical terminology classes. Looking back I would have taken those classes first, although not a huge deal. The information I learned in these classes helped so many things make much more sense; they really tie things together in a way that taking the EMT class alone won't do for you.

    At the risk of sounding contradictory, I would really only concern myself with taking the anatomy/med terms classes if there is some reason you can't take the EMT class right away. They do help, but the class itself is not horribly difficult so I wouldn't call them necessary. I would say they help more with patient care than success in your EMT class.

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    I am loving EMT. I dont think I will have to hard of a time in the class. I never put much effort into school but EMT really makes me want to learn as much as I can to prepare for firefighting. Assuming that I pass the class, what should I do next? Are there other certs I could get? Such as Firefighter I, how does that work do I need to wait to get hired to take this class or could I go ahead and take it? Any advise on what to do next would be great.
    Thanks for all the feedback

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