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    Default 1 on 1 EMT training?

    Alrighty, so I've gotten lots of good positive/negative feedback concerning the boot camp EMT schools. It now comes down to the fact that they aren't accredited so I can't get any tuition assistance or use my GI Bill. Since I don't have and won't have $3500 anytime soon it's not going to happen.

    Next question...
    Has anyone ever heard of any type of 1-on-1 EMT training or super small flexible classes? I'm gone 7 to 10 days every single month, without fail and can't seem to find a program that will work. I've looked at every community and state college between Sac and SF to no avail.

    If there were an accredited program that had an option to flex the dates or just train me then it would work. Am I crazy? I'd be willing to use a big chunk of my GI Bill if I can find something that works with my military schedule. It's starting to get ridiculous!

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    Try Daniel Freeman Hospital in Inglewood. I know they have a fast paced EMT course. While I am not a big advocate of fast paced courses (I believe you can only learn so much information at any given time), it may be your best option....
    Paul Lepore
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