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    Default windows 7 and NFIRS Help

    Does anyone know if NFIRS works with windows 7?

    I am trying to download and install NFirs to my new laptop and cant get it to work.

    I will call help desk in AM, Just thought I would ask here first.


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    Source: http://windows7forums.com/windows-7-...vironment.html

    I tried to use NFIRS Data Entry Tool on my Windows 7 install for my fire reports. I could not at first get it to even come up. NFIRS is purely JAVA based so I thought this was weird. Well, a solution I have for me might be worth trying for you. Try disabling "desktop composition", "animate controls and elements", and "enable transparent glass" under advanced system settings. If that does not work correctly, just try unchecking all of them in the list...it will look like Windows 2000. If that does not do it, you could tinker with the admin rights or UAC virtualization in the properties for your program. Hope it helps!

    Try a Google search, not that I am advocating to do anything found willy nilly on the Internet.

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