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    Default Legalities in Paying the Rural Metro Fire Department


    As a career firefighter for a municipality, I am asked the question of whether or not to pay the Rural Metro Fire Department (RMFD, a private corporation) their annual fee for service often. Until recently, I answered that as long as your insurance carrier stated that you have fire coverage, you need not pay additionally to anyone else. This is based upon a few insurance agents that have said the same thing. I heard rumor that recent legislation and behind the scenes deals within the Insurance Industry and the RMFD should now change this stance. Based upon this, it is possible that if a home burns down, the insurance provider would only pay for rebuilding it and NOT the cost to put the fire out (which could easily be $20000 or more with RMFD). If this is controversial, I am sorry. If you think that I am completely whacked, well, I am posting the question to get more reference in researching a correct answer.

    While I have your attention, does anyone know how RMFD charges (if at all) when a municipality is called a fire in their area via a pre-existing mutual aid agreement? I have heard that it is legal for RMFD to charge the same fee even if another fire departments equipment and manpower are used.

    Dr. Z.

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    Default FD Reimbursement

    To determine if reimbursement is to be made, depends on several factors:

    1. Does the Rural Metro FD (RMFD) have a fire protection arrangement with the jurisdiction
    (city, county, township, etc.) that it protects?

    If so, is there a written agreement/contract between the RMFD and that jurisdiction?
    Does the jurisdiction pay (with taxpayer funding) for RMFD to provide the service? Is
    there any stipulation in any such agreement if RMFD can bill the property owner?

    2. Does the RMFD operate a subscription service? If so, is there a fee to provide service to

    You may have to compile the paperwork for the fire protection arrangement and consult an attorney to research your state's statutes, to determine if payment is required.

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    First of all, I am NOT a RMFD fan or employee. . .But, here's how I see it: If you happen to live in an area that RMFD covers, then pay the subscription fee.

    If you do not like that idea, move to an area that has a municipal fire dept. If you don't like that either, you should fire your politicians and elect someone who will develop a government controlled (ie, not private) fire department.

    I personally think the whole RMFD idea sucks, but if RMFD provides fire services to your home, support them.

    "While I have your attention, does anyone know how RMFD charges (if at all) when a municipality is called a fire in their area via a pre-existing mutual aid agreement?"
    I have no idea, but it seems as if RMFD has a Mutual Aid agreement with the dept that calls for assistance there would be no charges incurred. That is something to be worked out before an incident occurs.

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    $20000 to put out a fire?

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